Water Quality & Conservation

“The beast of the field shall honor me, the dragons and the owls: because I give waters in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert, to give drink to my people, my chosen.” — Isaiah 43:20

The Doctrine

Water, a cornerstone of life and a precious gift from the Lord, holds profound significance in our lives. It not only quenches our thirst but also underpins the intricate web of life. As declared in Isaiah 43:20, “I give waters in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert, to give drink to my people, my chosen.” This passage prompts us to respect and honor water as an essential element of our existence.

President Brigham Young emphasized the importance of prudent use of these divine gifts. He challenged us with a thought-provoking question, “Take all the elements that God has created, and do you think we use them and not abuse them?” His words serve as a reminder of our responsibility to exercise wise stewardship over vital resources like water.

“The land and all are His. The earth that we walk upon, the air we breathe, and the water we drink, are His creation. He organized them and placed them here for our good. Take all the elements that God has created, and do you think we use them and not abuse them?” — President Brigham Young

Furthermore, Young illuminated the concept of ubiquitous life presence within all elements, highlighting our interconnectedness with nature. He proclaimed, “There is not one particle of element, which is not filled with life…There is life in all matter.” This profound insight reinforces the need to protect and conserve water, a life-giving element in our world.

As stewards of this bountiful planet, we are accountable for the conservation of land and water. Alexander B. Morrison provides a compelling perspective on this stewardship, stating, “What have you done with the earth which my Father and I gave you as a home? Have you cherished and protected it?” This provokes deep reflection on our actions and inspires us to safeguard our environment actively. By mitigating harm to our water sources, lands, and air, we ensure our activities today don’t lead to remorseful answers in the future. Our collective responsibility is to foster a world where every drop of water is respected and cherished, affirming our commitment to be thoughtful custodians of our Earthly home.

Mormon Environmental Stewardship Alliance Position

The Mormon Environmental Stewardship Alliance steadfastly upholds the teachings of our church leaders regarding water conservation. We acknowledge water as a divine gift bestowed upon us by God, and recognize our role as stewards of this precious resource. Embracing this responsibility requires us to manage our water resources wisely and sustainably.

Taking inspiration from our pioneer ancestors, we must emulate their prudence and respect towards this vital resource. Their understanding of water as a finite resource guides us today as we strive to conserve water for our future generations. Hence, immediate action is critical to promote water conservation and ensure stewardship principles govern our water use.

“When He [Christ] interviews us, I feel certain that one of His questions will, in essence, be the following: ‘What have you done with the earth which my Father and I gave you as a home? Have you cherished and protected it? Have you dressed it and kept it, as your father Adam was commanded to do? Or have you laid waste to it, defiled its waters, destroyed its fertile lands, befouled its life-giving air?'” — Alexander B. Morrison

To safeguard this life-sustaining resource, we advocate for legislation that promotes water conservation at local and regional levels. We champion industries and companies committed to reducing their water footprint and urge everyone to take individual steps toward water conservation in their daily lives.

Yet, addressing this complex issue necessitates collective action. Our strength lies in unity and collaboration. Together, we can spearhead significant change, achieving far more than we ever could individually. By acting now, we can ensure a sustainable water future for all, underscoring our commitment as responsible custodians of God’s Earth.

What Can You Do?

  • Speak Up for Conservation: Lobby your local representative to champion legislation that promotes water conservation and responsible water practices.
  • Organize Cleanups: Initiate or participate in cleanup events for local rivers, lakes, or beaches. The preservation of our water ecosystems starts in our own communities.
  • Stay Informed and Advocate: Educate yourself about local water issues. Use this knowledge to advocate for responsible water practices within your community. Consider starting a local action group focused on water conservation.
  • Promote Personal Water Conservation: Implement strategies to reduce your personal water use. Share these practices with friends, family, and community members to inspire collective action.
  • Push for Corporate Changes: Encourage your workplace to implement water-saving measures. Your business can play a significant role in conserving water at the community level.
  • Practice Climate-Smart Landscaping: Landscape your yard with native or climate-appropriate plants to minimize the need for irrigation.
  • Engage with Non-Profit Organizations: Support non-profit organizations that work towards the protection and sustainable use of water resources. These groups are often on the front lines of water conservation efforts.
  • Attend Public Forums: Participate in public comment periods and town halls. Use these platforms to voice your concerns about water management and to advocate for comprehensive conservation strategies in your community.

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