We Love And Support Nevada Public Lands

From our desert valleys to spectacular canyons, forests, lakes, rivers and streams, our lands are a magnificent reminder of our Heavenly Father’s Creation.  Mormons understand the importance of wilderness. Throughout the stories recorded in the Bible, Book of Mormon, Doctrine & Covenants, and Pearl of Great Price, people and prophets have sought spiritual guidance, received inspiration and revelation, and conversed with God in the solitude of mountains, valleys, forests and other wilderness places. Moses went up into the mountain to receive commandments. Jesus Christ sought solitude in the wilderness before be began his mortal ministry.  Joseph Smith’s First Vision came during his retreat into the forest to pray.

Preserving these special places allows us to sustain the purity of our air, water and soils that provide the foundation for a healthy earth and supports all life in its ecologically diverse forms. Nevada’s Public lands are places for us to renew our spirits, invigorate our minds, and sooth our burdened souls.  These lands enhance our quality of life, and our spiritual connection to the divine.

We have a moral obligation to care for our public lands for the benefit of all Creation, including the wildlife that inhabits them. Pristine nature is one important way that we all share in the peace and joy that comes from God. Holy scriptures and latter-day prophets call on us to protect the earth and preserve it for future generations.  As stewards of His creation, we accept the call and proclaim it our duty to protect and preserve these lands so our children and our children’s children may enjoy the physical and spiritual nourishment, renewal, peace and joy these places provide.   We ask all to join us in this sacred responsibility.

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*NOTE: This letter may be presented to decision makers and media outlets so they will see that members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and our friends and allies support Nevada public lands, including their continued public access and protection.

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Signers so far:

  1. Allen Calvert, Eldorado
  2. Soren Simonsen, Parleys 6th Ward, Salt Lake Parleys Stake
  3. Erin Miller
  4. Ronnie Harrison
  5. Morgan W South, 5th Ward
  6. Tammy Cumbie
  7. Randall von Beinbrech
  8. Steven Cardon
  9. David N Janes
  10. Gary L. Fagg, Sandhill East
  11. Scott Kirklin, Desert Bloom, Warm Springs Stake
  12. Geoffrey Lamb
  13. B. Adam Baillio, Legacy, Green Valley Stake
  14. Kristy Coleman, Green Valley
  15. Abraham Camejo, Montebello, Central Stake Las Vegas
  16. Suzanne Clark, Painted Desert, Meadows
  17. Gayle Darin, Greenbrier, Paradise Stake
  18. Kurt Douglas
  19. Joe C. Vining